Pro Plug® System for MoistureShield 



The Pro Plug® System for MositureShield is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system to match perfectly with MoistureShield.


The System consists of the following components:

(1) Screws: All screws feature a star drive recess and are ACQ approved.

(2) PVC/Composite Tool: This unique patented tool drives screws to the correct depth below the surface. It features a No Cam-Out Auto-Stop™ mechanism that prevents the screw from stripping and a free spinning stop collar that protects the board.

(3) Plugs: Made from actual MoistureShield Composite deck or trim material, so they match perfectly.




 Cap-Tor® xd Color Match Screws 




  Cap-Tor® xd screws are specifically designed to fasten  composite capstock decking with a clean, smooth and uniform finish. They also work equally well in traditional composites. Cap-Tor xd screws are available in 9 different colors to match all of the MositureShield Composite Decking UTD carries in stock.

Available in: 

100 pc. Accessory Pack 

350 pc. Deck Pack

1,750 pc. ProPack 


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